Some people sleep well, falling asleep quickly after their heads hit the pillow. For others, getting restful sleep is more complicated. Issues such as snoring or sleep apnea in Portland, OR, can disrupt the individual and their sleep partner. While sleep apnea and snoring treatment are readily available at Moonlight Sleep Remedies, you can also do things at home to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Avoid Excess Alcohol

Alcohol contains more sugar than you might think. The body also processes alcohol in a way that affects insulin production, which is a sugar hormone. Consuming excess alcohol during the day can lead to insomnia that night. Consider passing on alcohol, or at least cut down on consumption.

De-clutter the Bedroom

The sight of clutter can disrupt calmness in the mind. Take a look at your nightstand. Clear off anything you don’t need. Consider just keeping a box of tissues, an alarm clock, a small decorative item, a bedside lamp, and your CPAP machine if needed. Pick up items off the floor. Worn clothes should be in the laundry hamper. Arrange your bed linens and fluff your pillows so it feels good to slip into bed at night.

Turn off Lights and Devices

Our brains are wired to go to sleep when darkness falls. Turn off your devices well before bedtime. If you enjoy reading in bed, consider an actual book instead of a tablet emitting blue light. Use room-blackening curtains and shades to keep out street lights. Consider using a sleep eye mask if necessary to block out light.

Use Lavender

Consider spraying bed linens with lavender, which is known to promote serenity. If lavender is too floral for you, at least launder bed linens with fabric softener so they give off a pleasant scent.

For serious help getting and staying asleep or for sleep apnea treatment in Portland, OR, contact Moonlight Sleep REMedies today for a consultation.