At our sleep center in Portland, Oregon–Moonlight Sleep Remedies–we specialize in improving your sleep experience. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that does just the opposite by causing you to be unable to sleep safely. But did you know sleep apnea could kill you? Here are three ways this common sleep disorder is quite sinister.

Sleep Apnea Leads to Heart Disease

Silent but deadly, sleep apnea is often the last condition patients consider to be the culprit behind heart disease. However, as a result of stress and fatigue associated with sleep apnea, adults are more likely to have heart conditions like heart attacks and heart disease. At Moonlight Sleep Remedies, we offer a free sleep apnea assessment to see if you have this condition.

Sufferers Stop Breathing When Snoring

As a result of sleep apnea, individuals will stop breathing while they are asleep. Sometimes, sleep apnea sufferers will snore loudly to help continue gasping for air. Yet, just as commonly, this disorder causes people to stop breathing for up to one minute before their auto responses kick into gear.

However, most of the time, the person wakes up when they realize they are not breathing, just long enough to regain their breath before going back to sleep.

Snoring is a Sole Indicator

If you are snoring, you may have sleep apnea. Snoring may be the only symptom you have that indicates you have a very serious sleep condition. For people who live alone, nobody knows they snore, which is another real risk factor. You must have a partner or housemate who can alert you that you have snoring problems.

Find a Sleep Apnea Solution in Portland, OR

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