Sleep testing allows healthcare providers to understand more about an individual’s breathing patterns.


Chronic snoring can lead to unhealthy sleeping habits that affect everything from your concentration to your physical health.


Getting sleep apnea treatment not only help you stop unwanted noises at night, it can also be the key to improving your health.


Dr. Miyamoto did a wonderful job treating my sleep apnea. I not only sleep more sound but my wife gets a full night sleep too.

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  • We do not treat just the symptoms.  We look at all the possible causes of your sleep apnea from every angle.

  • We use the newest modern technologies to diagnose and treat you.  This includes 3D Cone Beam CT scanner, Eccovision (Pharyngometer / Rhinometer), Digital Oral Scanners, and Laser.

  • We customize your treatment.

  • We communicate with your medical care providers.

  • Friendly and Professional Team who truly cares about your health.

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Improve Your Sleep, Live Better

Welcome To Moonlight Sleep Remedies

Sleep issues these days are rampant, with 70% of adults in the US reporting trouble sleeping at least one day of the month. And while these restless nights can be caused by any number of factors, it’s also easy to overlook some of the more common culprits.

Sleep testing is a way for healthcare providers to understand more about an individual’s breathing patterns. A qualified dentist can determine whether it’s an obstruction that’s keeping a patient up at night and, if so, what kind of Oral Appliance Therapy they would benefit from.